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NRG Project is a global supplier of high quality, intelligent power sources. As the leader in the intelligent power sources sector, we are characterized by long-term experience, a modern
technology and production plant specializing in battery and cell packs production.
NRG offers a wide range of products and services including:
-design and production of battery packs,
-Ni-Cd,Ni-Mh,lithium-ion, lithium-polymer, lithium-manganese and lithium-FePO4 cells,
-lithium and alkaline batteries

Battery packs for electric cars

We are designing and producing short battery packs for electric cars, trucks, buses and even sport cars! We have a lot of experience at that field.

Battery packs for bikes and scooters

Our battery packs for e-bikes and e-scooters are fulfilling high level of security and quality standards. Even in such hard environments as bike and scooter city rentals/sharings.

Tailored solutions

Unusual orders, high technological expectations, requirements. Sparkless solutions for mining industry? Medical solutions? Evacuation systems uninterrupted power supply? Our batteries are almost everywhere.

Battery-o-matic for bicycles and scooters

Instead of charging the batteries for a long time, maybe it's better to borrow them? Soon, our partner E2BE.COM starts project in cooperation with us and two strategic partners in Poland.

Battery packs always ready and charged

Thanks to battery-o-matic self service vending machines it's easy to travel longer and mobile app will help you to find nearest machine with proper battery pack

E-bike is expensive?

Not anymore! You can buy the e-bike without batteries and just rent them from the battery-o-matic machine!

City e-bikes

Servicing of the batteries is hard job? Not anymore thanks to our charging and renting machines!

Tailor made batteries

For the construction of our Battery Packs, we use links of only the world leaders: Samsung, LG Chem, Panasonic, Boston Power, A123 Systems, C-Bak, etc. The same goes for Battery Management Systems - "BMS" - we use American solutions , European, also Polish. We offer our clients a wide range of battery cell technologies: Li-Ion, LiFePO4, Lithium-polymer, also LTO and others.

We design and deliver:
- battery and emergency power supply systems
- battery packs for machines and electric vehicles
- boats or drones, prams or kick scooters - we are familiar with them.

We produce battery solutions for emergency power supply. From emergency exit systems, through power supply to Building Management Systems systems to DataCenter emergency power systems.

We design and create battery packs for very diverse solutions.
If you are looking for an unusual solution, ask us - our experts will help you choose the right solutions.

Our partners

See the list of our strategic partners: systems design, automation,
research and development, charging and control systems, software,
as well as: cars, scooters, bicycles.

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