Design of battery packs

We do it for many years, so we are good at it

Design process

In few steps we are conducting the whole process

Definition of requirements 

At the outset, we need to know the purpose and working conditions of the device. We ask the customer to provide technical data about the device for which the power supply is to be built.

Proposals for cell technology

Once we know the technical parameters and operating conditions of the device (machine), we select the appropriate cell technology: Li-Ion, LiFePO4, LTO, and others.

Quotation of a project

Then we go to the valuation of the project and provide it to the client in the form of an offer along with the outline of the project.

Project implementation

After accepting the offer by the Customer, the proper design is created.


At this stage, we get to work hard. Depending on the complexity of the project, we also manufacture short series of products and prototypes. Mass production is also great.

Product tests and documentation

The products are tested in our own laboratory. We also prepare relevant technical documentation.

Release of the product

At this stage, we pass the finished product and we are pleased with the customer's satisfaction.


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