Laboratory tests

Our laboratory is equipped with the CE-7001-500V100A testing machine from NEWARE Technology Ltd., so we can test batteries and battery packs  in the range 0-500V and 0-100A. We can analyze voltage, capacity, internal resistance, number of cycles (life expectancy) of batteries:

- nickel cadmium (NiCD),

- Nickel metal hydride (NiMH),

- lithium-ion (Li-ion),

- nano-phosphate (LiFePO4).

In our laboratory, we have the ability to simulate the conditions of use of battery packs, which gives us the ability to match the package to a specific application  and studying its behavior. 

The recording of test parameters during tests takes place in real time  with a frequency of 1 Hz and the accuracy of recording is 0.001V or Ah.

Our laboratory performs:

- Electrical tests 

- Battery formation 

- Battery regeneration 

- Battery packaging 

- Heating connections and pins 

- Battery regeneration for power tools 

- Replacement of batteries from medical devices 

- Environmental research in a climate chamber 

- Cell selection for internal resistance 

- Welding packets from battery and accumulator cells.


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